Monday, December 14, 2009

The Big Picture

The big picture for the Oregon Technology Standards are creating students who are technologically literate and good digital citizens. The aim is to create students how are creative and who work collaboratively across the globe developing their awareness of the digital world. These students develop their critical thinking skills and effectively use technology as tools in problem solving. This creates a batch of lifelong learners.

Technology is a powerful tool in any classroom. In my classroom, I will use blogs to communicate with parents and families and to let students know of class assignments and opportunities. We will use skype to communicate with a class in a different part of the country or world to help develop the students' awareness of their country and world. Another way I will use technology is having students use powerpoint to make presentations.

The challenges to using technology can and do exist. Some school districts don't have fancy projectors or computers. Also, some students don't have home access to computers and I must be sensitive to families that might not have computers available to them. Another challenge might be assuming that all students are familiar with technology. I might be in a situation where the students would need to learn even the basics.

As we move forward in the digital age, technology becomes more and more important and I must make great effort to incorporate it as much as possible into my classroom!