Wednesday, October 14, 2009


After looking at the ODE website, there were a couple things that really stood out to me. The first was R. Paul's elements of thought. He had some great ideas about how discussion could really be enhanced in the classroom. One of the things he talked about with regard to discussion was to have an objective or goal. So, making sure that the questions we ask students are leading to an objective that ties in to our overall objectives for instruction is so important. Also, looking at your point of view and then considering the pov's of other is an essential part of the elements of thought. We should be challenging all our students to become high-end learners and so these elements will help do that.

Graphic organizers are another great tool to help present information and even to get students involved in. At the OTEN conference I went to a seminar on concept maps and had some great ideas about about how to integrate those. Vue is a great tool in preparing concept maps that is free and easy to use. In a social studies class, students could create concept maps to show the relationships between events. A Venn Diagram is another great tool that can be used across all the different subjects. KWL charts are valuable as well. Organizational skills are greatly lacking in our students these days, so anything we can do to help them will assist them in higher thinking.