Friday, October 30, 2009

WEB 2.0!!

Web 2.0 is having the world at your fingertips. The ability to access files from anywhere in the world is amazing. I love being able to store documents, keep in touch with friends and family and make and create pojects online.

For instance: a couple days ago for a class, I needed to great a graph for a presentation. I googled "make a graph" and clicked on the first website and made a killer graph. It was awesome. Before, it would have been a time consuming thing to use a program that I probably didn't have or couldn't afford.

Facebook: say what you want about social networking sites, I absolutely love being able to keep track of friend all over the world and communicate quickly. If I have a question about homework, I post it on facebook and I have 12 SOE peer responses within minutes. When I first went to Brasil at the age of 5, it took weeks to get communication from the US. Now, it is seconds away.

I also love blogs. I'm pretty new to them, but my wife has kept a blog of our family for a while. Once again, there are pictures and video that are stored on the internet that my parent in Brasil, her parents in Seattle, and my brother in North Carolina can all access and comment on. I love the idea of a class blog that I can use to communicate with students and parents about what is going on in the class and what things are coming up.